Electric Bike Hire

City View Wheels, Specialists in Suzuki Cars / 4x4s and German-made Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

City View Wheels is a family-run business that has held the franchise for Suzuki Cars and 4x4s for Cork since Suzuki came to Ireland in 1985. In 2010 we secured the franchise for Kalkhoff Electric Bikes which are manufactured in Germany and are regarded as one of the best electric bikes on the world market.

We have a dedicated and experienced team offering a friendly, personal service to all our customers.
We are not the biggest but we try daily to be the best.

Patrick Murray
Erskine and Judy Tanner, Kinsale


I have been using my Kalkhoff to cycle to work in Ringaskiddy between 1 and 3 times a week, since November 2012. I bought it only because my route of approx 10km includes a particularly steep hill. I had previously cycled to work from time to time on a regular racing bike, but it was […]

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